Pandemic Survival Solutions

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Pandemic Survival Solutions


Understanding what you need to do during a pandemic will help you realize that pandemic is not the end of the world. You can minimize your stress levels and anxiety by simply educating yourself about the pandemic.

Know what you need to do once the epidemic starts. Know how to protect yourself as well as your loved ones from getting infected. Know what to buy and practice good personal hygiene, as advised.

What Is This Product About?

  • Pandemic? It’s Not The End Of The World.
  • Stay Calm By Finding Out What Professionals Are Saying.
  • Here’s How You Can Continue Enjoying Your Life In A Pandemic.
  • Different Ways Of Developing Your Relationships In A Pandemic Stay in touch.
  • Work On Assignments With Your Co-Workers Or Classmates.
  • Facing A Pandemic And Not Panic.
  • Get Your Pandemic Emergency Kit Ready.
  • Have The Right Reflexes When Self-Isolating.
  • Stuck At Home During A Pandemic? Try These 10 Activities To Avoid Getting Crazy!
  • Reconnecting With Family Members During A Pandemic.
  • 10 Creative and Fun Family Activities You Can Do At Home.
  • 10 Creative Ways To Entertain Your Kids During A Pandemic.
  • Daily Home Workout Habits During A Pandemic.
  • Things To Avoid When Quarantined During A Pandemic.
  • Tips For Aging Persons During A Pandemic.
  • Healthy Habits To Boost Your Immune System.
  • Tips To Stay Healthy While You’re Stuck At Home.
  • Staying Positive When Everyone Around Is Going Crazy.
  • How Past Pandemics Can Prepare Businesses To Face New Ones.
  • Some Of The Lessons You Can Learn From Past Pandemics.
  • Taking and Implementing Business Advice From Experts Helps Keep Your Business Afloat.
  • Prepare For a Business Continuity Plan.
  • Plus much more.

Quick Over:

Pandemic Survival Solutions is a 55-page ebook that contains 11,715 words and is found within the health niche.

  • This is a ready-to-go PLR package that you can re-brand and sell as your own!
  • A complete up-to-date guide about mastering this topic and something unique you’ll be proud to sell as your own.
  • 100% high-quality and professionally written.


Module 1 – Ebook:

  • Professionally written and formatted ebook.
  • 55 pages that contain 11,715 words.
  • Formats: PDF and DOCX.

Module 2 – Opt-in Page:

  • Squeeze page with an opt-in form.
  • Thank you download page.
  • Legal pages (disclaimer, privacy policy, and terms and conditions).

Module 3 – Covers:

  • 5 different styles.
  • 2D and 3D designs.
  • Source files included.
  • Formats: JPG, PNG, and PSD.

Module 4 – Licenses:

  • Your license – Full private label rights.
  • Your customer licenses – Master resell, resell rights, and personal use.

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