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Free accounts can download an unlimited amount of free products. Individual purchases are available.
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Our Frequently Asked Questions

QWhat are PLR products?

PLR products are items with such licenses that allow you to have full rights to it. Such as adding your very own name on them (rebranding), claiming ownership, and becoming the author of that particular item.

Learn more about all licenses in more detail

QSo… how much is this all for?

It’s 100% free. Free users can download selected free products every month absolutely free. If you are wanting to download any of our premium products, you can either purchase them directly as individual products at a one-time price or you can upgrade to become a premium member anytime for unlimited downloads.

You can learn more about all our plans here

QHow can I learn to use PLR effectively?

We offer free training on how to use PLR products more effectively which is located at our PLR Academy.

QWhy should a sign up for an account today?

Because firstly, our products have been classified by our customers as some of the highest quality PLR content on the market offering exclusive rights. Secondly, creating content is old news and now you can be fast-tracking your business the fast way by using our content with full rights and no attribution required.

QHow do I cancel my PayPal or credit card subscription?

Whether you have a PayPal or Credit Card subscription, you can cancel your subscription directly within your account.

NOTE: Once you have canceled either your PayPal or Credit Card subscription, you will continue to have access to your premium features until your Premium Membership reaches the expiration date.

QWhat is a free membership?

You can join free today and it will cost you nothing with no payment details required. You will be able to download selected free products every month.

QWhat is the difference between the premium plans?

Nothing. With that said, the only difference is the length of time you’re wanting or needing your account. For example, there are 2 plans, quarterly, and yearly. All these plans offer the same products (unrestricted and with unlimited downloads), but this gives the option if you want to save on payments by selecting a different length plan.

QHow do I become a member right now?

That’s the easy part. Simply join free here to create an account and that’s it. With an account, you can start downloading our free products instantly! It’s that easy and fast to do so.

QIs there a guarantee with PLR Lobby products or any premium plans?

Yes, of course. There is a 7-day refund on all purchases and paid plans. No questions asked money-back guaranteed. There is absolutely no risk.

Before you go ahead and claim a refund or make a purchase, please read our terms and conditions.

QHow do I become an affiliate?

That’s easy. Simply sign up at our affiliates page. To learn more about this head on over to our affiliates program.

QAre there any ongoing fees?

No and Yes. First, no if you purchase individual products directly from our store as all our products have a one-time fee. Yes, if you purchase a membership for PLR Lobby Premium. For PLR Lobby Premium Plans, we offer a 6-month plan for $299 and a yearly plan for $499.

Once you have a premium plan, you can cancel any plan or downgrade at any time. For a free account, there are no ongoing fees and it’s 100% free for life.

QCan I cancel my membership and get a refund?

Yes, we have a 7-day refund period. Please read our Terms and Conditions for full details before making a purchase.

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