The PLR Lobby Affiliates Program

Get paid for driving traffic to PLR Lobby, it's that easy.

Recurring Commissions

All our premium membership plans are recurring, which means, you'll be paid a continued payment for months and years to come.*

35% Commissions and Prizes

Earn 35% on every sale you make simply by driving traffic to our site. We'll do the rest. All commissions are both recurring and total order-based!

Tracking and Statistics

High standard link tracking technology with detailed statistics. Create unique campaigns to help determine the best performance within your promotions.

PLR Lobby Affiliates Program

Why Become an Affiliate Today?

Let's take a quick look at why our affiliate program is so advantageous...

Join our affiliate program today

PLR Lobby Affiliates Program

As an affiliate, you’ll be proud to promote our site and enjoy our 35% based commissions plus recurring commissions. As an affiliate, you’ll get access to all our resources to help promote our site and products.

Join our affiliate program now

PLR Lobby Affiliates Program
PLR Lobby Affiliates Program

Start earning commissions today

PLR Lobby Affiliates Program

As an affiliate, you can start promoting as fast as today and earn commissions within 3 easy steps:

• Create your account.

• Refer visitors to PLR Lobby.

• Receive 35% commissions on any amount of products purchased.

Revenue sharing

PLR Lobby Affiliates Program

We share 35% revenue on every opportunity that is referred and closed. Meaning, all you have to do is send traffic our way, and we’ll do the rest and when the deal is closed, you’ll get a 35% commission on all sales made.

Since we also offer recurring membership plans, you’ll get 35% on the initial payment and 35% on all recurring payments (*until the member cancels their plan).

PLR Lobby Affiliates Program
PLR Lobby Affiliates Program

Valuable insights

PLR Lobby Affiliates Program

With our easy to use affiliates program, you’ll get your own dashboard where you can track every move from your visitors you refer to us with direct link tracking technology, registered leads, track pipelines, all your closed referred deals, detailed statistics, and campaign tracking by creating your very own campaigns (which helps you to determine which promotion tactics are performing best for you).

Our Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q

    What is our affiliate program about?

    PLR Lobby's affiliate program is where you get a commission for every customer you refer to us. Upon signup, you'll be given a special affiliate URL. When a user buys any product/s or a paid plan as a result of visiting your affiliate URL, you will receive a commission.

  • Q

    What is the commission rate?

    All affiliates who successfully make a sale/s by sending visitors from your unique affiliate URL will receive a 35% commission per sale on all our products.

    On all our recurring plans:

    • First Payment: 35%
    • Second and Subsequent Payments: 35%
    • Any amount of individual products sold: 35%
  • Q

    Do I need to be a member of PLR Lobby?

    No. Even though you don’t have to be a member or customer at PLR Lobby, we do want our affiliate program to be honest and legitimate, that is why we recommend becoming a free member, so as an affiliate you will be an advocate of PLR Lobby too. Don’t become an affiliate just for monetary returns (without even knowing what it is), thus misleading our future customers.

  • Q

    How do I make money?

    Use your affiliate link anywhere you want to promote PLR Lobby. Whenever someone clicks the link and lands on PLR Lobby (, a cookie will be stored in their browser for 90 days. If they purchase any of our paid products or plans within this period, you will receive a commission.

  • Q

    When will I get paid?

    All commissions are subjected to a 30-day pending period. Payout dates are executed every 13th-15th of every month after you (the affiliate) have pending commissions over the 30-day period. We’ll consolidate all commissions from the previous 30-days.

  • Q

    How do I get paid?

    All payouts will be either PayPal, direct bank, or debit card transfer. We even offer Payoneer or self-invoicing (by sending us an invoice) for members who specify this to us by contacting us directly when the payout period is up. All affiliates will need to make over $25 USD to be paid out.

  • Q

    What happens when a customer asks for a refund? Do I have to refund my commission?

    We offer refunds on a case-by-case basis. If a charge is refunded back to a customer within the 30-day period, this will be deducted from your pending commissions. In rare circumstances, if a refund is conducted after the 30-day period, we will deduct this from your future earnings.

  • Q

    When I refer a customer to PLR Lobby, how long does the user have to purchase a plan so that I get a commission?

    90 days. A cookie will be stored on the user's browser for this period. If a user purchases any plan within this time period, you will get a commission.

  • Q

    Do I get a commission for users who sign up for a free plan?

    Yes and no. Since there is a 90-day cookie placed within the user’s browser, that means if they decide to purchase a paid product or upgrade their existing account to a paid plan, you will get the commission. This is actually a really good method as we see a 43% conversion on all free plans, as a lot of people like to test out the site as a free member before making a purchase or becoming a premium member. So, this is a great marketing strategy you can implement to get users to sign up for free.

  • Q

    If I have any questions, can I reach out for support?

    Yes. We have a dedicated affiliates support team that will be happy to answer any of your questions regarding our affiliates program.

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