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100% legally licensed digital products that you can resell, rebrand, or learn from.

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Original and exclusive brand-new PLR products created all in-house right here at PLR Lobby.

New products are being added to the marketplace regularly.

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You are about to discover a robust platform that houses the most innovative exclusive database of private label products all under one roof.

Get install access to 249 products to sell as your own

Below is an insight into what you're getting access to...


Full ebooks, give away reports, and lead magnets.


100's of high-quality articles to select from.

Source Graphics

Every product comes with full source graphics for editing.

Audio Courses

Full audio courses on many different subjects.

Video Training

Complete full HD video training courses - Fully editable.

Resource Guide

Complimentary resource guides for set niche products.


Complimentary checklists from the main product.

Minisites and Opt-in Pages

Complete minisites with full legal and opt-in pages.

Affiliate Portals

All upsell products come with an affiliate portal.

Sales Videos

Complete packages come with a premade sales video.

Marketing Tools

Banners, featured images, email series, lead magnets, etc.

Social Media Posters

Boost sales and conversions with high-quality posters.

Plus so much more content waiting to be discovered by you...

Selling products is easy, especially when you have an arsenal of products at one's disposal

Let me explain...

You all have heard about digital products?

Love it or hate it, digital products have become a significant financial phenomenon in recent history and are said to be worth within the billions when you include all the digital platforms such as Amazon, Google Books, etc, and growing an average of 15-20% year to year.

And here's why...

Physical products are bulky and take up space. With new devices, people are more inclined these days to download a digital copy as they have a lot more options to select from across the internet, and such products can be used instantly.

So let me ask you this...

Do you want a slice of this for yourself 100% legally? As all the products found here at the PLR Lobby have licenses made exclusively by us and we have licensed them accordingly. All our products have full private label rights (PLR).

So... the question I ask you is... do you want your very own digital products to sell and keep 100% of the profits?

Of Course You Do... This Is Why You Must Join Today!

PLR products are hot! There is such a high demand for PLR products these days because creating your own product can be time-consuming and costly without even knowing if it will sell!

On the other hand... trying to find done-for-you PLR products that are high-quality, affordable, legal, and legit, within a variety of niches can be even harder at times. Not anymore...


PLR Lobby

Exclusive done-for-you private label rights content...

PLR Lobby

The PLR Lobby allows you to scale your business using digital products and content to use as your own!

You can now skip the process of creating content, by using our products to rebrand and sell as your own, 100% legally!

Below are a few things you can be doing with the products found here at PLR Lobby...

  • Reselling

    Reselling digital products is one of the most profitable things you can do online tenfold. Meaning, you cannot lose. A digital copy can be sold over and over again on many different platforms such as Amazon, eBay, TradeBit, JvZoo, WarriorPlus, and ClickBank... just to name a few.

  • Product Creation

    Trying to create your very own product is not easy and is very time-consuming. There is so much involved in creating a product such as coming up with the idea, writing, graphics, marketing, and so on. Why create a product when you can use done-for-you products, legally.

  • List Building

    Building a mailing list with potential buyers should be the main focal point of any business no matter how big the business is. This can be done by giving out free products to visitors to join your lists or give your current subscribers free products or notify them of other products you’re selling.

  • Giveaways & Bonuses

    PLR products are perfect to giveaway to build your mailing list which is an ideal way to get more subscribers. Another great purpose is to give away free products as bonuses when your promoting offers as an affiliate.

  • Sale Funnels

    Sale funnels are what everybody is talking about these days. They have been used for some time now, but more and more people are understanding the power of sale funnels. But having top products that convert within the sales funnel is what's needed. That's why you are needing PLR products.

  • Personal Use/Using

    If you are just wanting a database full of helpful resources for your very own personal use, then PLR Lobby is a great place for you. All the products found here can be used for your own use or can be shared with others with conditions.

  • E-Commerce Stores

    Create digital e-commerce stores or sell them across the internet at such platforms as eBay, Amazon, or digital platforms as or, just to name a few.

  • Clientel Projects

    Can be used for client/s projects whether it's ebooks, articles, reports, graphics, website, sale pages, or squeeze page templates. PLR Lobby products all have private label rights licenses which can be used for such things.

  • Translate

    One of the best ways to reach more potential customers is to translate them into other languages. By doing this you're going to be able to build an audience in any geolocation you want.

Some more ideas why you could be benefiting from PLR Lobby

As a blogger, you can use our articles for your posts. Great for saving time.

Use our products to become an authority in your niche. Perfect for bloggers and internet marketers.

Bonuses! Everyone loves bonuses. Ideal for affiliates when promoting an offer.

Build your very own membership site and charge a monthly fee. Great for recurring profits.

Use the items as training for yourself or even start a 'high-ticket' training course and sell it.

Create real physical products, such as print-on-demand books, or create DVDs from tutorials or CDs from audio courses.

Fill your autoresponder with ready-to-go content. Using PLR content will save you time and build your autoresponder up the quickest way possible.

Perfect for YouTubers. Use our PLR video content as your own to upload to your YouTube channel.

Plus so much more...

But there is one vitally important question you might be asking...

What is PLR?

Essentially a private label rights product is a product for which you obtain a special license that allows you to completely own the product.

In other words, PLR means that you get the full rights to edit and distribute the product. There is no need to credit the original author, all the profits that you generate are entirely yours and you can make changes wherever you see fit.

Basically, you find the product you want to sell, and then you sell it as your own. With no need for you to write your own books, articles, create your own videos, or even put together the marketing materials as this is all done-for-you… this is literally a ‘cut and paste’ business model that is simple to implement and almost fool-proof to execute.

From your perspective, this means that you use a ready-made product and go about selling it as you please.

Learn more about PLR products here

An Insiders Look Into PLR Lobby

The PLR Marketplace

PLR Lobby Marketplace

The PLR Lobby Marketplace

The PLR Lobby's Marketplace has been considered by many of our members and users to be one of the best places to find high-quality PLR content in a variety of different niches. Easy to search and browse through with several different options to help you to do so.

Free PLR Learning Academy

An academy dedicated to teaching you all the lessons, tips, tricks, and more in selling PLR digital products online. Proven, tried, and tested methods that are working today. Free to learn.

Free PLR Learning Academy

PLR Learning Academy

Newly Released PLR Products

PLR Lobby New Products

Newly Released PLR Products

Here at PLR Lobby, we are constantly adding brand-new products weekly and monthly to our marketplace. All our products are exclusive, which means, firstly, all our products are made in-house, secondly, you will not be able to find or obtain the PLR license to any of our products elsewhere, only here.

Free or Paid Membership

We offer a variety of different membership plans. Signing up for a membership is not necessary, as you can pick yourself up any of our products as an individual purchase. Having said that, we do offer plans that are dedicated to PLR enthusiasts, which will save a whole heap of money over time. We also offer a free account, which will allow you to download all our free products.

Free or Paid Membership

PLR Lobby Memberships

Save Your Favorite Products

PLR Lobby Favorites

Save Your Favorite Products

Just browsing for the time being? No problem. We have a built-in feature that will allow you to save all your favorite products for another time. This will save you the time and effort in trying to find the product you were interested in, for when the time is right for you to come back.

Help and Support

With a 5-star dedicated help and support team, you will be assured that you'll always be in good hands. With an overall 99.99% customer satisfaction rating, you'll have nothing to worry about if any issues arise.

Help and Support

PLR Lobby Help and Support

Plus so much more...

Our platform allows you to scale your business using digital products that you can sell and use as your very own.

You can now skip the process of creating content, by using our content to rebrand and sell as your own, 100% legally!

Check it out for yourself...

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What our customers are saying...

When you take action today, there is, of course, a no-risk 7-day money-back guarantee!


All our premium memberships (paid plans) come with a money-back guarantee within the first 7-days from the initial premium sign-up. That's right, a whole 7-days to download and try all the products out during the first 7-days to see if you're completely satisfied with our products and platform, or your money back. Plus you get to keep anything you have downloaded. If you're not satisfied for any reason just email our support team and we will refund your money. So really, what have you got to lose? If you are still unsure, try our FREE membership plan to see how you like the platform before choosing a premium plan that suits you. NOTE: Please read our terms and conditions before claiming a refund.


Are you thinking... is this for me and how hard is it?

If you're someone that is looking to make money online, then the chances are that you most likely already know by now that the best and the most profitable way is to own your very own product.

The best thing about owning and selling your very own products is that you get to keep 100% of the profits. You're also building upon something that you own, not affiliating or selling for someone else.

I would have to say, one of the best things about this is being able to build your very own affiliate army and JV partners to sell and promote the products for you.

BOTTOM LINE... Now you can do all this and not have to worry about how it's done. PLR Lobby is the most significant marketplace online with products you can rebrand, edit and resell that are completely ready to go which are all 100% legally licensed by us. Now it's your turn...

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Our Frequently Asked Questions

QWhat are PLR products?

PLR products are items with such licenses that allow you to have full rights to them. Such as adding your very own name on them (rebranding), claiming ownership, and becoming the author of that particular item.

Learn more about all licenses in more detail

QSo… how much is this all for?

It’s 100% free. Free users can download selected free products every month absolutely free. If you are wanting to download any of our premium products, you can either purchase them directly as individual products at a one-time price or you can upgrade to become a premium member anytime for unlimited downloads.

You can learn more about all our plans here

QHow can I learn to use PLR effectively?

We offer free training on how to use PLR products more effectively which is located at our PLR Academy.

QWhy should a sign up for an account today?

Because firstly, our products have been classified by our customers as some of the highest quality PLR content on the market offering exclusive rights. Secondly, creating content is old news and now you can be fast-tracking your business the fast way by using our content with full rights and no attribution required.

QHow do I cancel my subscription?

Whether you have a PayPal or Credit Card subscription, you can cancel your subscription directly within your account.

NOTE: Once you have canceled either your PayPal or Credit Card subscription, you will continue to have access to your premium features until your Premium Membership reaches the expiration date.

QWhat is a free membership?

You can join free today and it will cost you nothing with no payment details required. You will be able to download selected free products every month.

QWhat is the difference between the premium plans?

Nothing. With that said, the only difference is the length of time you’re wanting or needing your account. For example, there are 2 plans, a 6-month, and 1-year plan. These plans offer the same products (unrestricted access and unlimited downloads). This gives the option if you want to save on payments by selecting a different plan length.

QHow do I become a member right now?

That’s the easy part. Simply join free here to create an account and that’s it. With an account, you can start downloading our free products instantly! It’s that easy and fast to do so.

QIs there a guarantee with PLR Lobby products or any premium plans?

Yes, of course. There is a 7-day refund on all purchases and paid plans. No questions asked money-back guaranteed. There is absolutely no risk.

Before you go ahead and make a claim for a refund or make a purchase, please read our terms and conditions.

QHow do I become an affiliate?

That’s easy. Simply sign up at our affiliates page. To learn more about this head on over to our affiliates program.

QIs there any ongoing fees?

No and Yes. First, no if you purchase individual products directly from our store as all our products have a one-time fee. Yes, if you purchase a membership for PLR Lobby Premium. For PLR Lobby Premium Plans, we offer a 6-month plan for $299 and a yearly plan for $499.

Once you have a premium plan, you can cancel any plan or downgrade at any time. For a free account, there are no ongoing fees and it’s 100% free for life.

QCan I cancel my membership and get a refund?

Yes, we have a 7-day refund period. Please read our Terms and Conditions for full details before making a purchase.

Got further questions before joining?

That's simple, contact our support team today!