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A step-by-step guide in the lessons on how to write, read, spell and speak with better grammar. Grammar, what is it exactly? It’s the extension of linguistics that deals with word form and structure (morphology) and their relation to sentences (syntax).

Unfortunately, most people take grammar for granted, using it without fully understanding it. Many times, they use it improperly without considering the linguistics or semantics involved.

What Is This Product About?

  • Descriptive Grammar, Prescriptive Grammar.
  • Ways To Properly Learn Grammar.
  • Why Is It So Important To Use Good Grammar?
  • 4 Advantages You Gain From Learning Proper Grammatical Skills.
  • Local English-Speaking Classes or Tutor.
  • Proofreading Software Programs.
  • Why It’s So Essential For People To Learn Proper Grammar.
  • 8 Reasons You Should Learn Proper English Grammar.
  • Reasons Why You Should Observe Proper Grammar.
  • How To Make Your Speaking and Writing Grammar Better – Basic Grammar Rules.
  • Singular and Plural Verbs.
  • Ways You Can Correct Your Grammar.
  • English Language Grammar.
  • Understanding English Grammar and Using It Properly.
  • Seek Out Good Grammar Structure Material.
  • Why Do People Have A Difficult Time Learning English Grammar.
  • Why Should Businesses Use Proper English Grammar In Correspondences.
  • Is Proper Spelling and Grammar Still Important In Today’s Business World?
  • Just How Important Is Grammar In Business Though?
  • How Can You Check Your Documents For Grammar Issues.
  • Should You Use The Internet To Check Your Grammar?
  • Benefits To Using A Spelling and Grammar Checking Program.
  • What Can You Do To Improve Upon Your Own English Grammar.
  • Why Is Grammar So Important?
  • How To Speak and Write Correctly.
  • Your Writing Style Compared To Correct Grammar.
  • The Most Effective Methods To Do English Grammar Exercises.
  • Incorrect Grammar Writers Tend To Make.
  • What Grammar Is Like Presently.
  • Commonly Made Grammar Mistakes In A Blog.
  • Techniques To Learn Proper Grammar Via The Internet.
  • Plus much more.

Quick Over:

Perfect Grammar is a 73-page ebook that contains 10,971 words and is found within the learning and education niche. In total, it comes with 13 modules and bonuses.

  • This is a ready-to-go PLR package that you can re-brand and sell as your own!
  • A complete up-to-date guide about mastering this topic and something unique you’ll be proud to sell as your own.
  • Comes with all the marketing materials to help you sell the product.
  • 100% high-quality, professionally written, and created.


Module 1: High-Quality Ebook
Written by English professionals, unique and not copied or rehashed.

Module 2: Checklist
A full checklist outlining all the key topics within the main guide.

Module 3: Resource Cheat Sheet
A full resource cheat guide outlining all the best websites and tools.

Module 4: Mindmap
A great way to give your buyers a visual overview of the training course, pinpointing the main focal points.

Module 5: Sales Page, Thank You Page, and Legal Pages
5-page minisite that is fully responsive and all ready-to-go.

Module 6: High Converting Promo Email Swipes
5 already done for you promotional email swipes that are ready-to-go.

Module 7: Professional Source Graphic Files
Full source graphic files professionally designed. Easy to modify.

Module 8: HQ Advertising Banners
Professionally designed web banners. Use as-is or edit to your needs. They also come with source PSD files, so you can easily edit them.

Module 9: 11 HQ PLR Articles
11 High-quality professional-written PLR articles.

Article Titles:

  • 4 Common Grammar Mistakes.
  • 4 Tips To Help You Learn Grammar.
  • English Grammar Made Easy.
  • Grammar – What Is The Purpose.
  • Grammar and Fluency in English.
  • Importance To Study Grammar.
  • Mistakes People Make With Grammar.
  • Understanding Grammar.
  • Understanding Proper English Grammar.
  • Where Do Grammar Rules Apply.
  • Why Is Grammar So Difficult.

Module 10: Promotional Sale Videos
A Hypnotic sales video to entice your visitors and boost conversions.

Module 11: 10 Unique Top Quality eCovers
A set of 10 high-quality unique ecovers that can be re-branded.

Module 12: 10 Social Media Posters
A collection of 10 social media posts, great for social media marketing. They also come with source PSD files, so you can easily edit them.

Module 13: License Package
Your license – Full private label rights.
Your customer licenses – Master resell, resell rights, and personal use.


Bonus 1: PLR Honey
This is a comprehensive guide all about PLR. A great guide to compliment the main PLR product. Within this guide, you’ll learn some ways to cash in on private label rights.

There are a lot of different ways to sell and harness the full potential of PLR. Knowing and learning how this can be done will give you a head start in putting your PLR product to good use.

Bonus 2: Private Facebook PLR Group
This is a private members-only Facebook group. By purchasing this product, you’ll also be getting exclusive access to become a member of our private Facebook group all about PLR.

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Perfect Grammar

Perfect Grammar Upgrade Package

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PLR License:

[YES] Can be sold as it is no less than $7.00.
[YES] Can pass on master resell rights to your customers.
[YES] Can pass on resell rights to your customers.
[YES] Can pass on personal use rights to your customers.
[YES] Can add to a PAID PLR membership site (PU ONLY).
[YES] Can add to a PAID Non-PLR membership site.
[YES] Can be bundled within a product package.
[YES] Can be given away as a bonus.
[YES] Can give away the product to your subscribers.
[YES] Can change/edit the sales page and opt-in page.
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[YES] Can edit the contents of the ebook.
[YES] Can be used as content on your website.

[NO] Can sell private label rights.
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